Brooklyn-based designer GoodWoodNYC pulls inspiration from the coolest kids in Riverdale in their latest collaboration with Archie Comics. Known for incorporating a unique style of engraved woodwork in all of their products, GoodWoodNYC further immortalizes the classic iconography of Archie and the gang in the form a modern collection of jewelry, accessories, and home decor.

The highlights of the collection include a chic pendant of Jughead's signature crown (above), a Comic Strip bracelet featuring tiny engraved wooden portraits of the Riverdale crew, and a pin set that includes both Betty and Veronica (for those of us who are just as indecisive as Archie himself).

Click the jump to check out the entire GoodWoodNYC x Archie Comics collection!

Chick Magnet Necklace, $40 [available in red and yellow]

Burger Necklace, $42

Girls! Necklace, $42

Comic Strip Bracelet
, $30

Jughead Crown Bracelet
, $15

Archie Bowtie Bracelet
, $15

Jughead Bracelet Set, $30

Archie Bracelet Set, $30

Archie Girls! Brooch
, $16

Warhol Jughead Brooch, $16

Betty and Veronica Pin Set, $16

Archie Pin Set, $16

Jughead Pin Set, $16

Archie Magnetic Bowtie, $30

Coaster Set, $30

Archie Cruising Skateboard Deck
, $80

For those of you who are attending New York Comic Con next week, be sure to check out the GoodWoodNYC x Archie Comics collection at the Archie Comics booth!