IDW has announced that their publishing schedule for 2015 is going to include four important elements that have been sorely lacking from the world of comic books: Glamor, glitter, fashion and fame.

In what is likely the single greatest announcement in the history of the medium, it was revealed today that next year's lineup is going to include an all-new Jem and the Holograms ongoing series, from writer Kelly Thompson and CA favorite artist Ross Campbell. Much like IDW's approach to other licenses they've picked up over the past few years, like G.I. Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jem is planned as a reboot, bringing the Holograms into the 21st century with Campbell's amazing contemporary designs.

I'm a big enough Jem fan that I'd be up for a new comic just in general, but Campbell's presence on the book is incredibly exciting. Campbell has been doing modern redesigns of Jem characters as a fan for years -- we even reviewed them with expert Jemologist Betty Felon here at ComicsAlliance back in 2011 -- and they're great, so seeing them as part of an official project is pretty awesome. Of course, Campbell is also one of the most reliably great artists in comics thanks to work on Glory, TMNT, and his own Wet Moon, so that's a pretty big plus, too.

The series marks the start of a pretty big year for Jem, which will also see the release of a new live-action Jem movie in October. And just in case you thought IDW might be skimping on the glamor and glitter, the first issue of Jem and the Holograms will feature five "rainbow foil covers," with a "hologram box set" for all five. Becauseof course.

Rest assured that ComicsAlliance will remain your most outrageous source for future Jem news as these stories develop.


Jem design by Ross Campbell


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