Archie Comics used to be defined by its rigid commitment to nostalgia and the familiar, but over the past few years the publisher has proved to be more than willing to shake it up and adapt their iconic characters across a variety of genres and concepts. Next year, Archie will publish four one-shots by a wide array of creators across a number of different genres, showcasing just how versatile it core cast of characters can be.

The four titles were announced today via Entertainment Weekly, and go from straight up horror in the vein of Afterlife With Archie to all-ages fun more in the vein of classic Archie, but with a fun and recognizable twist.

Jughead: The Hunger will be written by Frank Tieri, with art by Michael Walsh, and reveals the dark and deadly truth behind Jughead's need to devour hamburgers. While EW doesn't go into more detail, there's a werewolf on the cover, so we're gonna take an educated guess there and say Jughead's a werewolf.


Jaime Hernandez


One of the most exciting titles in the line-up is The Archies by Alex Segura, Matthew Rosenberg and Joe Eisma, which has a gorgeous cover by the legendary Jaime Hernandez. The current New Riverdale Archie title has touched on the long-standing tradition of Archie fronting a band with his friends, but this title promises to dig into the interpersonal conflicts that come from being in a somewhat successful band with your friends.

The other two one-shots out in March are L'il Archie, by the creative team of Art Baltazar and Franco, who also brought us Tiny Titans, Superman Family, and L'il Hellboy; and Sabrina The Teenage Witch, by Katie Cook, Franco and Andy Price, which follows Sabrina's first day at school after a lifetime of being home-schooled by her aunts --- a premise not too dissimilar from the much loved '90s television show.

Check out the other covers below:


Art Baltazar
Sandra Lanz