Even as the line between criminal mastermind and respectable businessman seems to grow ever-thinner in real life, Marvel's Kingpin of Crime is doing his best to cross that line in Kingpin #1, written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Ben Torres.

The new series finds Wilson Fisk trying to become a legitimate businessman, or at least restore his reputation as one. But old habits die hard, as we see in this unlettered preview, when his martial arts training session leaves his opponents broken and bloodied. He also approaches a journalist in the hopes she can help his image, but when Daredevil also gets involved, things are bound to get messy.

The storyline of Kingpin trying to go straight is undermined in an interesting way by Torres's artwork, which make him look perhaps the most monstrous he ever has. His proportions are barely human, and his face has an inborn brutality to it.

Kingpin #1 features a cover by Jeff Dekal and a variant by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz, as well as other variants by Ben Torres, Skottie Young, Marco Checchetto, Julian Totino Tedesco, and John Tyler Christopher. It goes on sale February 8.


Art by Ben Torres
Art by Ben Torres
Art by Ben Torres
Art by Ben Torres
Variant Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
Variant Cover by Ben Torres
Variant Cover by Skottie Young
Connecting Variant by Marco Checchetto
Hip-Hop Variant by Julian Totino Tedesco
Action Figure Variant by John Tyler Christopher


Here's the official word from Marvel:

They say that every villain is the hero of their own story. Yes, Wilson Fisk has done some bad things. Deplorable things. He has cheated the law. He has blackmailed rivals. He has killed. But that’s all in the past now. It’s time for a new beginning. And it begins this February in KINGPIN #1 – the new ongoing series from breakout writer Matthew Rosenberg and Marvel newcomer Ben Torres!

The Kingpin is out for a clean start. Wilson Fisk returns to the city he loves with a new goal in mind—to make his mark as a titan of legitimate industry. First things first though, he’ll need to repair his public image. When Wilson Fisk makes a disgraced journalist an offer she can’t refuse, the spiraling saga of crime and betrayal begins anew. Sure, he’s out for a clean start. How long before his hands get dirty again?

Manhattan’s criminal mastermind returns to the Big Apple with honorable intentions, but no one will remain pure on his climb back to the top! Don’t miss the thrilling crime-noir debut of 2017, when KINGPIN #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices everywhere on February 8th!