Almost a year ago, Archie Comics launched a Kickstarter for three upcoming books, and then quickly abandoned that plan. The first of those books, Jughead, came out last year to great acclaim. Today, Archie has officially announced the coming release of the other two titles, Life with Kevin and Betty and Veronica.


Dan Parent


Life with Kevin is a new digital series starring Kevin Keller, written and drawn by his creator, Dan Parent, with inks by J. Bone. Unlike the previous Kevin Keller series, this book takes place after Kevin has graduated from college and moved to New York, where he has a whole new set of challenges as a young man getting on his feet and looking for love. The series also features Veronica Lodge, as well as minor Archie character Shrill, and some new love interests for Kevin. Life with Kevin will be available this June.

Prior to the Archie reboot, Kevin had expressed an intention to join the military (which he did in the future-set Life with Archie series). It's something of a relief to see his life taking a different direction. A "Kevin in Boot Camp" comic just wouldn't have the same appeal.


Adam Hughes, via Vulture


Betty and Veronica is being written and drawn by Adam HughesA synopsis of the first storyline was provided exclusively to Vulture: "Pops’ Chocklit Shoppe is being taken over by a huge coffee company. When Betty and Veronica go head-to-head over the issue, all bets are off! Friendships will shatter. Cities will burn. Nails will be broken."

Adam Hughes is an odd choice for the book, to be honest. He has few writing credits to his name, and he's most famous for pin-up style art. Despite his undeniable talent, putting him on a book about teenage girls, which has historically been marketed to even younger girls, feels like a questionable choice. But Archie's had more wins than losses in the past few years, so maybe they'll surprise us.

In any case, the alternate covers feature some fantastic work by a wide variety of artists. Check those out, and some more Life wiith Kevin artwork, below.


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Dan Parent
Dan Parent
Dan Parent, via The Advocate