Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so naturally, our thoughts have turned to comics' most infamous hotbed of love triangles: Riverdale, USA! For over 75 years, that idyllic town has been built around the eternal question of who makes the best couple, but we here at ComicsAlliance are not content to merely debate. We're here to settle this once and for all.

So today, join us as we turn things over to you, the readers, to help us decide the biggest, most romantic question of all: Who will reign supreme as Riverdale's One True Power Couple?

  • Option 1: Archie And Betty


    If we're honest with each other, this has to be the odds-on favorite, right? Betty's been there since day one — literally, she's there in the very first Archie story, while Veronica didn't show up for another year — and as the perpetually overlooked girl next door, the only way her story can really satisfy readers is if she wins in the end. Sweet, capable and only occasionally terrifying, Betty is the obvious choice for a lasting and happy relationship.

  • Option 2: Archie and Veronica


    One of the old saws about the eternal "Betty or Veronica" debate is that it's a choice between true love with poverty and loveless wealth, but that's really doing a disservice to Ms. Lodge. Somewhere underneath that vindictive, competitive, bourgeois exterior is a good heart that just needs some nurturing, and Archie might just be the person to do it. Of course, that raises the question of whether Veronica would enjoy the victory as much as the struggle, but hey, that's where the drama comes from, right?

  • Option 3: Archie and Cheryl


    Of all the characters outside of the main cast who have dropped into Riverdale over the years, none has been quite the wrecking ball that Cheryl Blossom is. As an amoral, fabulously wealthy force of nature with a vaguely Liasons Dangereuses-esque relationship with her brother, Cheryl has set her sights on Archie on more than one occasion. And who knows? If he can bring out the best in Veronica, who's to say that Archie can't bring out whatever shred of humanity lies within Cheryl, too?

  • Option 4: Archie and Valerie


    One of Riverdale's more recent romantic developments saw the Archies going on tour with Josie and the Pussycats, and Archie falling head over heels for Valerie, their bassist. We even got a possible-future story where they married and had children, but for now, the distance between Midvale and Riverdale has left them strictly in the realm of possibilities. C'mon, though — Can't true love conquer a 20 minute drive two towns over?

  • Option 5: Archie and Kevin


    Kevin Keller's introduction as Archie's first openly gay character was a groundbreaking moment for the company, but it also opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the romances of the characters. And really, if you're looking for romance, you could do a lot worse than a lantern-jawed future war-hero.

  • Option 6: Betty and Veronica


    Yeah, this one's probably going to win, isn't it?

  • Cast Your Vote!

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