In its latest step towards cultural domination, Archie Comics has teamed up with Chicago-based designer clothing website Threadless for a fashion line featuring and inspired by "America's New Teen-Age Boyfriend" and his pals.

The initial group of designs includes artwork by the iconic Dan DeCarlo --- whose legendary pin-up designs made Veronica & Betty into legends --- as well as more recent work from the "New Riverdale" era of Archie by Fiona Staples (including her famous cover to Archie #1 from last year), Veronica Fish, Erica Henderson and Annie Wu. It's a nice blend of the classic Archie everybody knows and loves and the excellent new comics that captured everyone's attention last year.


Archie Comics/Threadless
Archie Comics/Threadless


The designs include a new logo for actual chart-topping band The Archies, a fun riff on Jughead's famous hat that wouldn't look out of place on a mixtape, and a really cool "Halftone Archie" shirt that brings to mind memories of leafing through many a Double Digest. Each design is available on all the products in the line, in a variety of colors and sizes.

Threadless uses crowdsourcing to create its designs, offering members of the public the chance to vote for the creators of over a thousand designers, with royalties for the successful designs paid back to the artists.


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