Arrow has found its Count Vertigo, and it's a familiar face to genre TV fans: Fringe's former Agent Lincoln Lee, Seth Gabel, has signed on to play the new series' "deadliest adversary to date."TVLine is reporting that Gabel will debut in an early 2013 episode of the CW series entitled "Vertigo," which, while it won't be the name of the character adapted from DC Comics' long-standing Suicide Squad member and Green Arrow nemesis, will be the name of a deadly new drug doing the rounds of Starling City that Oliver Queen sets out to investigate. It's unclear whether the drug will be connected to Gabel's unnamed new character - although, given its name, you'd assume that they would - but TVLine reports that the new villain will "exude a darkly grounded, Christopher Nolan-esque vibe," which sounds as if it means grim crime lord with possible drug connections to me - Or, perhaps, that Gabel's character will make very long Batman movies while talking about how much he hates 3D movies. You be the judge.

Arrow continues to air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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