The Flash made lofty promises that Season 4 would break tradition with a non-speedster big bad, and our first hint toward next year’s villain might get your mind running. A small clue from this week’s “Abra Kadabra” may suggest Barry has a date with “The Thinker” in his future, once Savitar is put to rest.

This week’s “Abra Kadabra” teased a hook that the titular 64th century villain could clue Barry in on Savitar’s true identity, though the character may well have pointed to Season 4’s villain in the process. Rattling off some of Barry’s greatest historical foes, Kadabra went through the seasonal roster of Eobard Thawne, Zoom and Savitar, adding “DeVoe” to the list of names.

None of the major Flash characters have used that name, though DC villain “The Thinker” does go by the alter-ego of Clifford DeVoe. The non-speedster character is known as a genius inventor, Injustice Society and Suicide Squad member, who himself originated as a Jay Garrick Flash villain. You know, the same Jay Garrick that Season 3 recently took out of commission.

There’s no guarantee that Flash Season 4 ends up using Clifford DeVoe as its main villain, but it’s certainly worth noting how recent seasons have combined characters for its big bads. Zoom (and very likely Savitar) draw from a few different sources, which could lead to “DeVoe” culling from a few different incarnations of the DC “Thinker.”

Either way, we’ll learn more of The Flash Seasons 3 and 4 when “The Once and Future Flash” debuts on April 25, so stay tuned.


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