Oh boy. If ever you wanted Arrow to return to its darker roots, Season 5 might finally be your year. A new extended trailer for the October premiere is chock full of twists and turns, including a murderous Oliver, Dolph Lundgren, Felicity’s rebound guy and more!

The CW released an extended new trailer for Arrow’s fifth season, in which it seems the twice-renounced killer is back to using significantly violent force on his enemies. We also caught a glimpse of Dolph Lundgren’s “Kovar,” Oliver’s flashback Bratva initiation, Cody Rhodes, lots of the new team, and what seemed like Felicity locking lips with someone … and his gross sideburns.

We’ll see more of Arrow Season 5 soon, but check out the first trailers and photos below, and standby for the October 5 premiere.


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