After beating a number of villains who could all be accurately described as human, clearly it's time that Oliver Queen faced something a little more... mythical. The CW's Arrow has found its Deathstroke, and he has prior experience as both a Spartan warrior and also a Middle Earth-dwelling orc warrior. Say hello to Manu Bennett.Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive on Bennett's casting on the CW series, pointing out that Bennett will officially be joining the show as Slade Wilson, with the question of whether or not he'll adopt his comic book costumed identity of Deathstroke remaining unanswered for now. According to EW, Bennett will first be seen in flashbacks from the island working alongside Oliver, but as he's committed to multiple episodes this season, expect to see him show up in the contemporary Starling City before too long.

Bennett is currently probably best known in the US for playing Crixus in Starz's Spartacus: Vengeance and Spartacus: Gods of The Arena series, but expect that to change very quickly; he's due to appear in the final two installments of Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit trilogy, playing Azog, an Orc chieftain of Moria in both The Desolation of Smaug and There And Back Again.

Bennett's first Arrow episodes will air in 2013.

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