Well I certainly had that one wrong. Yesterday, when WWE teased a "face-to-face confrontation" between Arrow star Stephen Amell and Stardust, the former Tag Team Champion who has been recently styling himself as a cosmic supervillain, I assumed that we'd get a minor physical altercation that would set up a match between Stardust and another pro wrestler. That is, after all, the way celebrity appearances usually go. What we got was something way, way better.

Not only did TV's Green Arrow jump the barricade and hit the ring to take Stardust down after being attacked, but he officially signed on for a tag team match at the upcoming SummerSlam event, where he will be teaming up with Adrian Neville to take on both Stardust and King Barrett, who is an evil European monarch who delights in ruining everyone's day with bad news. This is, and I do not say this lightly, already the best crossover of the year.



The altercation came when Stardust interfered in a match between Neville and Barrett before calling out Arrow, who he seems to sincerely believe is a literal superhero who fights crime with a bow and arrows. And if that is not already making you smile, then please skip to 1:19 in the video above, where someone in the crowd shouts "KICK HIS ASS, ARROW!" because it's the best thing you will hear all week.

After being separated by security, Amell would appear in a backstage segment to make his challenge official:



Two quick things: First, I love that Triple H is selling the idea that pro wrestlers are basically an entirely different species from other athletes --- something that we already know from that time Batman tried to fight one --- despite the fact that non-wrestling celebrities have something like a 100% win record in high-profile WWE matches. Second, as you might've already gotten from the videos, Neville's finishing move is called the Red Arrow, which means that he's already branded to be the perfect partner for Oliver Queen.

SummerSlam takes place on August 23 at 7 PM Eastern.

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