If you watched WWE's Monday Night Raw this week, then you may have noticed an unexpected guest appearance from Stephen Amell, the star of TV's Arrow. That in itself isn't unusual --- Amell's a wrestling fan, and WWE loves very few things more than having celebrities in the front row for its shows --- but what is unusual is that he became a small part of the show, getting into a verbal altercation with former Tag Team Champion Stardust.

Stardust would go on to call Amell out in a "Backstage Fallout" segment, and now sources including the Wrestling Observer are reporting that this could all be leading up to a guest appearance for Amell at this year's SummerSlam, possibly actually stepping into the ring to wrestle Stardust.

Believe it or not, this makes perfect sense for Stardust's character. If you're not a fan, he's also known as Cody Rhodes, son of the legendary "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and brother of Goldust, who adopted his current identity after a breakdown over whether he was the weak link of the family. Since then, Stardust has peppered his speech with references to stuff like cosmic keys, and has even more recently taken to entrance attire based on Marvel's Mr. Sinister.

That's not his only supervillainous trait either --- a few years ago when his face was injured and he was forced to wear a protective mask, Rhodes went full-on Dr. Doom with it. In that context, it makes perfect sense that Stardust, increasingly seeing himself as a supervillain, would see Amell in the crowd and truly believe him to be Green Arrow. Just watch the video above and note how much enjoyment he takes in revealing Amell's "secret identity."

If Amell really is gearing up for an appearance at SummerSlam, he won't be the first superhero to get involved with the WWE. Hugh Jackman was a guest a few years ago --- promoting Les Miserables, oddly enough, if memory serves --- and ended up in a similar altercation with Dolph Ziggler, who hilariously referred to him as "Batman" the whole time.

For his part, Amell has taken to Twitter to warn Stardust about a possible return:



If it does happen, then I am actually pretty excited about it. As much as I love what Rhodes has done with the Stardust persona, the idea of Actual DC Comics Superhero Green Arrow showing up and snapping him out of his supervillain persona and resetting him back to being regular ol' fantastic wrestler Cody Rhodes is kind of the perfect way for the character to end.

The fact that Hollywood celebrities always beat wrestlers can be one of the WWE's more annoying unwritten rules sometimes, but this would be the rare instance of it making perfect sense. It's been hinted at in the WWE's ongoing storyline that Cody has lost himself in the character of Stardust, and the idea of a fictional character being played by Cody Rhodes being beaten by the fictional character played by Stephen Amell because Rhodes is aware of how superhero narratives work is appealing to me on every single level.

Or, you know, it could also not happen at all. What we saw on TV might've just come together as a result of Amell being in town and wanting to see Raw live, and not the start of a storyline that will build up for the next two months. If there's one big sign that this was just a fun one-off appareance on Raw, it's that Amell and Stardust didn't even make it to the edited version of the show that's on Hulu. Presumably they were cut to make a little more room for the guest appearance by the cast of the Entourage movie. Still, there have been celebrity feuds in the past that are based on less.

If, however, the Flash shows up next week to answer John Cena's open challenge, we'll know we have a full-fledged crossover on our hands.

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