For the past few weeks, the most interesting story going into WWE's SummerSlam event was definitely the tag team match that saw Arrow star Stephen Amell becoming the latest celebrity to step into the wrestling ring. Partnering up with the high-flying Neville, Amell was pit against Stardust, who has been laboring under the impression that Amell was, in fact, the real Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, with this whole "Stephen Amell" thing being a secret identity that fooled all of his viewers, and that his defeat of a superhero would allow him to take his place as pro wrestling's greatest supervillain.

If that sounds a little complicated, it is, but it was also pretty great. Last night, the match finally happened, and as you might expect if you're even slightly familiar with how celebrity appearances work in WWE, Amell and Neville got the win in a match that saw Amell diving from the top rope to the outside on both of his opponents to set up the victory.


WWE SummerSlam 2015
Photo via WWE


For his part, Amell actually spent a good portion of the match in the ring, and while that dive to the outside was certainly the highlight, he wasn't bad overall. After the match, he took to Twitter, posting a picture of a few of the bruises from his first time in the ring --- and while that one on his shoulder might look really terrible at first glance, I'm pretty sure most of it is Stardust's facepaint:



Stardust's partner for the match was King Barrett, who, in honor of the superheroic nature of the battle, rechristened himself "Cosmic King Barrett," just in case things weren't quite comic booky enough. It does make one wonder, though, if losing the match was all part of Stardust's master plan. I mean, in comics, the villains don't usually win.

As for where we go from here, well, Amell will likely be heading back up to Vancouver to film the next season of Arrow, so the question is whether this loss will be enough to turn Stardust from a path of villainy, or whether he'll start picking fights with other DC Comics superheroes.

Here's hoping for an appearance by Supergirl star Melissa Benoist at Survivor Series!


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