As Arrow’s 100th episode and second “Invasion!” crossover leg will attest, Season 5 has put significant effort into developing a new crop of masked vigilantes, good and bad. One in particular has been rumored for the series for some time, as executive producer Marc Guggenheim is still looking to ask “The Question.”

Guggenheim spoke to TVLine in the wake of Arrow’s impending 100th episode, looking back on a number of hits and misses in the last five years, as well as a few characters he’d like to see. Faceless DC vigilante The Question in particular has been discussed since at least Season 2, while Guggenheim still hopes to introduce the Hub City hero:

Also on Guggenheim’s proverbial “to-do” list: “I’ve made no secret of the fact I would love to do The Question” aka the martial artist and detective who as a masked vigilante protects Hub City. “That character’s kind of perfect for our show.”

In fact, Season 4 even took a brief trip to The Question’s hometown of Hub City, and will revisit the DC locale later this season.

So, how likely are we to see that iconic fedora on the streets of Star City? Well, keep in mind that even as DC embargoes of certain characters seem to shift and change (the one-time “off the table” Deathstroke resurfaced in the prior Hub City visit, and will again in the 100th hour), it’s entirely possible that The Question remains earmarked for another project.

After all, one would think that Season 5's emphasis on new vigilantes would afford ample opportunity to introduce the character, and we’ve no idea what new chapter of the CW series Season 6 will shift toward.

It also remains to be seen what will bring Oliver to Hub City in the coming episodes, but will Arrow ever manage to introduce The Question?


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