The CW network released a new trailer for its DC Comics-based Arrow series via YouTube this week, and perhaps the best word to describe the preview is Nolanesque. On a TV budget, of course. Catch the full trailer after the jump.

In the first few seconds, Arrow (who is still green, btw) tells a guy in a big glass office, "You have failed this city." That seems to establish that this is the social-justice-defending Oliver Queen that has become the standard characterization in the comics over the past few decades.

But some of the other details the trailer reveals put this squarely in Nolan-y Batman territory:

  • Arrow is a mysterious, near-mythic vigilante figure who's being pursued by the cops. When he shows up places, bad guys say, "He's here."
  • Queen disappeared for a stretch and was presumed dead before returning to clean up the renamed "Starling City," because birds are apparently cooler than luminous cosmic plasma balls.
  • Arrow tells his not-Rachel (who could be destined to become Black Canary) that he wants to become "the person you always told me I could be."
  • Queen seems to spend a lot of his time sharpening his crime fighting utensils while sparks fly around. The rest of the time, he's sort of snarkily answering questions about Arrow, who couldn't possibly be him.
  • If that music isn't supposed to sound like a knockoff Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight score, I will eat my hat.

Of course, Green Arrow having Bat-connections is nothing new. Green Arrow basically filled the Batman role on Smallville, as our resident Smallvillains so often pointed out, and, after all, Mort Weisinger modeled the billionaire playboy Queen after Bruce Wayne. He used to hang out in an Arrowcave and have an Arrowcar. So there's a precedent.

And you know, taking cues from the Nolan Batverse -- one of the most revered superhero franchises of all time -- probably isn't such a bad approach. We'll all find out together when Arrow premieres October 10 at 8/7 p.m. central time.

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