A week ahead of the debut episode of Arrow, The CW has released new stills from a later episode of the series that reveals the look of show's version of longtime Batman villain and Suicide Squad member Deadshot and, well... he kind of looks a little less "gritty" than what we were expecting on a show that thought "Green Arrow" was too goofy a name for its protagonist.First off: Deadshot's special scope-vision thing is usually portrayed as part of a helmet, whoever missed the point of the design when coming up with this look. Secondly, just giving him an eyepatch-like device might make people start to mistake him for one of the guys from the other comic company before too long.

Also, really, there's something about the look of TVDeadshot's extra bulky eyepiece that seems more comedic than threatening. It's as if he's wandered in from some low-budget show from the 1980s about space pirates or something... For all of Arrow's supposed grittiness in comparison with predecessor series Smallville, these stills look every bit as campy as Clark Kent's earlier adventures, and leave me just a little bit more worried that Arrow may fail to walk the line between fun and unintentionally funny.

Arrow debuts October 3 on the CW at 8 p.m. EST.

[Via SHH]