Mobile and digital comics are often frowned upon by traditionalists who prefer the printed page to small screens, but that doesn't seem to matter to a reporter from Down Under who skipped traditional reading entirely and actually enjoys the electronic format.

Gizmodo Australia had a chance to demo the new reader while meeting with Sony and seemed pretty stoked on the service:

"They were showing the Marvel comic app on the upcoming PSP Go!, and the first thing worth mentioning was that it looks great. The colours are vibrant, the text is easy to read on the smallish screen and everything looks incredibly high res and gorgeous."

One feature the reporter seemed particularly pleased with was the PSP reader's Autoflow, which "zooms and scrolls through the comic as you read it." Apparently, this mode allows readers to tap directional buttons the way they'd flip pages, with the software guiding their eyes through the narrative the way the creators intended. There's an analogue mode as well, for fans who want to read their own way.

What's interesting about Giz's review is that the reporter says he isn't a comic book reader, but enjoyed the reading experience so much that he plans to pick some up. While it's just one opinion, if his sentiments are shared by portions of the gaming crowd, it'll be interesting to see if more converts will equate to a new audience entirely.

Could print and gaming device readers one day define themselves with the distinctions "comics" and "manga" readers sometimes do? We'll start to find out when the service debuts this winter.

[Via Robot 6]

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