Kieron Gillen's alternate-history World War II comic Uber has grown over the past few years into the backbone of Avatar Press' overall line and is one of the publisher's most well-received and critically acclaimed comics. Along with artists such as Canaan White, Gabriel Andrade, and current artist Daniel Gete, Gillen has built a rich and detailed world where the Nazis breakthrough in creating supermen turned the tide of the war forever.

The first volume of Uber ended on a major cliffhanger, and yesterday Avatar Press launched a Kickstarter to raise funds towards the next volume of the title --- titled Uber: Invasion --- which sees the superpowered soliders of Nazi Germany heading the invasion of the United States of America.

Avatar has already almost doubled its planned goal of $9,000, which is said to go towards producing as many issues of Uber: Invasion as the publisher can, and more specifically will go towards expenses, production costs, and shipping. A lot of the Kickstarter seems specifically aimed at providing a jumping on point for the first volume of Uber, as many of the reward tiers feature bundles to read the original series.

While the lower tiers offer the first handful of issues for the new series, later tiers offer a digital bundle of all twenty-nine issues in the first volume, and as the rewards go higher there's a really beautiful looking hardcover slipcase edition of the first five collections that is exclusive to this Kickstarter.

Physical orders are expected to be completed by February 1st, 2017, which is a relatively short turnaround time for a Kickstarter of this size. The Uber: Invasion Kickstarter is set to run until Saturday, September 10th at 9pm EST.


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