In preparation for Avengers: Age of UltronFive Four Club is collaborating with Marvel in designing an Avengers-themed menswear collection, launching April 1st. Five Four Club is a monthly subscription service that offers deals and stylist options on exclusive men's apparel to its members; each month, members receive a full outfit catered to their style tastes, from casual to business ready looks.

The Five Four Club x Marvel collaboration is a sophisticated, fashion-forward approach to the Avengers with a collection includes stylized hoodies and sportswear fit for Thor, crisp reversible button-up shirts in Captain America's color scheme, and tailored blazers with hidden pockets and Iron Man-printed lining.

I really appreciate how this collaboration goes beyond your standard pop culture graphic tee and focuses a subtle, yet refined take on superhero-inspired fashion, with more subdued colors and execution not unlike the chic superhero redesigns of Kevin Wada. The Five Four Club x Marvel collection will be exclusively available to Five Four Club members starting in April 2015, so be sure to sign up if you want to channel your inner Avenger.

Check out the Five Four Club x Avengers lookbook below: