Not to knock the time and effort that's gone into the X-Men papercraft and Cubecraft designs of the world - not to mention Cheong-ah Hwang's Iron Man and Captain America creations - but the knowledge that full-on paper statues of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" characters with separate strands of hair and points of articulation exist just makes other concoctions seem antiquated. Then again, someone out there needs to set the bar for the rest of their D.I.Y. craft community.

Fair warning here, the Asuka and Rei Ayanami papercraft alone in a tour of homemade marvels scouted by Anime Geek may make your head spin. If you're like me and went through years of trial and error just to complete your first origami crane whose wings and head came out remotely to scale, you very well may be unable to fathom how human beings ever managed to pull off these colorful works of art.

Anime fans are a unique breed, though, even in the vast ecosystem of comics and cartoon fandom. Check out the gallery after the jump and judge for yourself.

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