What's that old saying? "Freedom is the right of all sense-shattering soul-powered cloned angel mech things?"

Whatever the case, the first full-fledged [Update: it's a fan-made prank - thanks to CA reader Amy L for the heads up] action figure coming from Takara Tomy's Transformers x Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover teased in last month in a number of Japanese hobby magazines is a prank, but it's still cooler than the NERV-decorated Optimus Prime seen in an early promo illustration.

The custom by a Japanese fan is so good that it fooled online retailer Robotkingdom (or perhaps they were in on the joke?), which posted two new images of "Optimus Eva Prime," an articulated EVA Unit 01 adorned with Optimus' signature color scheme and semi-truck flourishes. The modified helmet-y head sculpt and thigh wheels are an especially Optimus-y touch.

You can get a better look at the fanmade "Optimus Eva Prime" figure below to see what you think. Hopefully the real toys from the Transformers x Evangelion merchandise collaboration are similarly fun.

Prank Photos


Photos of the custom figure