Though fans have access to Batman, Joker, Superman, Bizarro and Swamp Thing, Medicom's line of DC Comics sofubi figures will finally welcome two female characters in 2015 with Batgirl and Catwoman joining the soft vinyl fray.

Befitting the line's retro toy nature, both Batgirl and Catwoman are outfitted in their late 1960s to mid '70s looks. Batgirl's gray and powder blue costume and Catwoman's go-go getup (which included night-vision goggles back before you could buy them at a sporting goods store) have serious Silver Age flair, but it's interesting to see that Medicom licensed these comic book costumes rather than Batman '66 TV show era suits. As it stands, this will be one of a select few toys to depict Catwoman in her blue and red attire (one recent standout being the MEGO revival figure from Figures Toy Company).

Both figures stand 250 mm (about 9.85") tall and feature five points of articulation. As a bonus, Batgirl's cape is removable and the figure's cowl doubles as a helmet and can be removed to reveal alter ego Barbara Gordon's hair. Each of the characters are currently available for preorder for about $80 a piece via online retailers. The toys are set to debut in Japan before the end of 2014, but fans can expect to wait an extra month or two until they arrive in North America around January.

You can take a look at Medicom's Sofubi Batgirl and Catwoman figures below.





[Via Medicom]