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Not content to rest on its laurels after this month's release of Batman, Robin, the Riddler and the Joker, Figures Toy Company is set to roll out two more waves of Batman 8" Mego replicas. Come September collectors will be able to pick up Catwoman, Penguin, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as part of the line's second wave and in February of 2014 Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth and unmask-able versions of Batman and Robin will be available in wave three.

The new figures come armed with the same 16-points of articulation and cloth costumes as the first wave and serve as replicas of Mego's 1970s originals -- that is, except for Alfred, who (like the upcoming Egghead figure teased from FTC's Batman '66 line) is an all-new creation. For now all fans have to go on for now is concept art rather than a true toy prototype, but the illustration seems in keeping with Mego's classic Silver Age stylings.

Collectors should be especially pleased to see Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson available. Sold exclusively by Montgomery Ward in 1974, these characters were originally only possible to create using "secret identity" kits that packed heads and a change of clothes for kids to pop onto their existing Mego figures. Authentic original versions of these figures are considered unicorns among hardcore Mego fans, meaning these new toys are as close as most will probably ever get to tracking down the originals.

It's also interesting to see wave three's heroes all come with removable masks. The first Mego versions of Batman, Robin and Batgirl all boasted the feature, with later versions featuring sculpted-on masks. This time around in 2013, FTC started with the sculpted-on heads (with the exception of Batgirl) and went for the more helmeted toys later in its line.

Each of the individual figures will fetch around $25-30 depending on whether you buy them direct from FTC, online toy shops or brick-and-mortar comic and specialty stores.

A variety of decorated carrying cases that look to hold 6-8 figures are also available from FTC for about $50, although each figure is sold with a reusable plastic protective case if they want to fly solo.

You can check out all of the upcoming figures below.

Wave 2

Wave 3