As someone who watches a lot of TV, I'm already familiar with the magical ability of AXE Body Spray to turn any bed-headed dude in his 20s into an instant magnet for sexy models with amorous intentions. It sounds like a pretty great product, but there's a problem that's kept me from using it, in that I don't really like to surround myself in a cloud of scented pepper spray.

Fortunately, the olfactory wizards behind Axe have come up with a way that a comics reader like myself can get in on their exciting line of lady-luring products: AXE Anarchy, the original body spray graphic novel that you can help write! And to answer your first question, yes: There will definitely be drawings of boobs.The project was announced in a YouTube video, and I have to say, they are making an awful lot of ambitious promises:

For one thing, they're promising to deliver all the beveling, embossing and lensflares that a free font from Blambot can handle! As someone who's fond of dropping a little Badaboom into his own work, I'm already on board with this exciting decision!

For another, they're billing Anarchy and its story of sexy renegade cops as the first comic created in real time! This is a thrilling revelation, because... well, to be honest, I have no idea what that means. I mean, sure, I know that most other comics are produced in a void that exists outside of the normal boundaries of space and time, but I think there were at least a few created under the constraints of the fourth dimension back in the '40s. I guess that a comic that was produced in real time would be one that actually appeared before your eyes fully formed as you read it, which is a pretty neat trick that I can't wait to see. That's gotta be it, right?

Otherwise, that would just mean that it was being created, which is sort of implied in the fact that it exists.

The big promise, though, is that the story will be "shaped" by you, the existing AXE Body Spray customer! This major development in paradigm-shifting interactive crowdsource marketing is super exciting, because it opens up the story to possibilities that might never have happened otherwise! I mean, think about it: Without getting suggestions from AXE bros everywhere...

...would we ever get to see the hot Asian break away to cause maximum mayhem?!

Well, probably. But if nothing else, it has virtually guaranteed that the line "Let me AXE you a question!" is going to appear in this project. I cannot wait.

Aside from previously unknown levels of mayhem being doled out by the hot Asian, plot details are sketchy, but there's another video -- which is, no joke, amazing -- that serves as a live-action prelude to the events of the comic. With only 30 seconds of supremely economic storytelling, it tells the story of a beautiful renegade cop...

...who is so aroused by the scent of body spray that she ignores crime and literally starts tearing off her clothing as she runs down the street. "Renegade" means the same thing as "soon to be fired," right? Right.

Either way, it's fantastic. And if you're as jacked up about this as I am, bro, then stay tuned to AXE's YouTube channel (because apparently by "comic" they meant "video") and get involved. Together, we can push these mayhem levels into areas we never thought possible.

(Via The Beat)

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