You know, it really seems like this should've happened before now, but next month, Barbie is finally becoming a superhero. On Wednesday at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Mattel revealed the next line of Barbie dolls, featuring Super Sparkle, the super-powered alter ego of Princess Kara (who is also Barbie), who got incredible super-powers from being kissed on the cheek by a magical butterfly.

And listen, before you say anything, just take a moment to think about whether that's really any weirder than being bit by a radioactive spider or having evil Canadians put unbreakable metal on your bones

Of course, while the dolls were only revealed today -- in a presentation that involved dancing children and a model descending from the heavens like an offering from the gods themselves -- Super Sparkle's design has been floating around for a while in the form of clips from Barbie's next DTV adventure, Princess Power, which features Kelly Sheridan as Barbie as Princess Kara as Super Sparkle, because these things are way more complicated than I initially thought they would be. According to the Barbie Movies wiki, she'll be battling against a villain named Baron von Ravendale, which, c'mon, is a pretty great supervillain name.

The Princess Power line of dolls is scheduled to hit stores in February, and while it seems unlikely that this will lead to a new line of comics, it's always worth remembering that Barbie ran for over 60 issues from Marvel in the early '90s, and that series didn't even have Baron von Ravendale in it.

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