This year at Toy Fair, Mattel once again lifted the curtain on a number of new figures and collectibles based in the DC Universe. From the continuing DC Multiverse figure line, which mixes the comics, television and movie properties, to DC Super Hero Girls and Teen Titans Go!, there was little that Mattel showed that didn't elicit excitement from everyone in attendance. However, the biggest surprise was clearly the unveiling of the Wonder Woman DC Multiverse wave, which gave us our first clear look at the DC Cinematic Universe version of Ares.

Three all-new waves for the DC Multiverse were shown off this year. The Wonder Woman wave brings with it two new Wonder Woman figures, one in her Amazon garb and one in a sculpted cloak (for whatever reason). There's also a Steve Trevor and Hippolyta rounding out the four-figure set. All of them will include pieces of Ares to collect and connect into his own figure. The movie version shares some hallmarks with the one we've seen in the comics over the years, however instead of a plain helm, his head is a massive horned beast skull. It's pretty imposing, and actually looks great.

As nice as that was, my personal favorite announcement was the new DC Rebirth Clayface build-a-figure wave. Included there are (finally) a good 6" Batwoman, Rebirth Superman, Rebirth Jessica Cruz, All-Star Batman Two-Face and a Supergirl version of Martian Manhunter. Each sculpt looks solid, though Superman is strangely on an old body buck, whereas it looks like Jessica and Batwoman are introducing new builds into the line.

The "Rookie" BAF wave was shown off in part last year at San Diego Comic-Con, but now we also know that wave has a Duke Thomas figure (noice), along with a Batwing and a Rebirth Batman. With a little more patience, we could soon have the full cast of Detective Comics in action figure form. Provided Mattel keeps things pumping and adds a Spoiler, Orphan, Red Robin and Azrael into the mix.


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