One of the nice things about being the Internet's foremost Batmanologist is that occasionally, someone I don't know will send me an email with something like this in it:

That, my friends, is a horse dressed as Batman.Specifically, that's a horse dressed in one of the fine costumes offered by The Horse Tailor, a website that (as the name suggests) specializes in selling costumes for horses. It's worth noting that this particular horse is wearing the Batman logo upside down, but all can be forgiven by the fact that the page selling it has this headline:

Did you ever thought that your horse could belong to the comics?

That is a truly beautiful use of language. But Batman isn't the only horse costume (or horstume) they have to offer. You can complete your horsey version of the World's Finest with their Superman costume...

...which bears the headline "Add super powers to your horse, and dress him as the all times hero," as well as Harry Potter and -- inexplicably -- a McDonald's extra value meal. Clearly, these are some of the most amazing objects ever produced, and while I don't have a horse, I can certainly think of at least one guy who could get some use out of them:

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