From kids clad in terry-cloth capes to cosplayers duking it out at conventions, super hero fashion always looks a little better in concept than in practice - that is, unless you're Craig McDean.

As pointed out by The Beat, the British designer/photographer/filmmaker's fairly awesome comic book-inspired threads can be seen on none other than Kanye West's blog (or as he calls it, his universe).

It's probably not fair to compare McDean's handiwork to other superhero-inspired fashions we've seen, if only because his portfolio kind of destroys everything in sight (with celebrity clients and magazine credits enough to blind lesser designers). Still, between McDean and Tim Gunn (who has been sporting Tony Stark's Iron Man armor of late), amateurs patching their own Halloween costumes together officially have something to feel self-conscious about.

Curse you McDean, I was confident that my Popsicle stick Wolverine claws were going to be the toast of the party until I saw these.

Spy some high-fashion get ups and feel even less secure after the jump. It's worth it.

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