From the It's About Darn Time Department: In the midst of a renewed push that includes licensed toys and comics, Warner Brothers has confirmed that Batman, the 1966 television show starring Adam West and Burt Ward, will be released on home video some time this year. To say that this is pretty welcome news around here at ComicsAlliance is understating things quite a bit, since some of us have been waiting decades for a complete series set of Batman.

It's not entirely surprising news, though. With the licensing we've seen from the show over the past year, it felt like it was only a matter of time before everything was sorted out between Fox (the producers of the TV show) and WB (who own DC Comics and, therefore, Batman) to get the actual show back in the hands of fans. What is pretty surprising, however, is that the news was broken by Conan O'Brien on Twitter. Really.

DC's official post about the news includes a "Blu-ray" tag, which could hint at some of the formats involved). Still, just getting the show is a pretty big deal -- while it remains in syndication on television, the only way the entire series has been available to fans before now was on grainy bootlegs taped off of TV Land and sold at conventions, and folks,
nobody wants a part of that. Getting a legit version is a big deal, if only to see the show crisply for the first time... well, ever.

The 1966 Batman movie, also starring West and Ward and the arch-villains seen above, has been available on home video for years, with a commentary track by West and Ward. I remember hearing that they recorded similar commentary for the episodes of the show, but as far as I know, that may have just been a rumor. West, at least, got tired of waiting and produced his own "commentary" in the form of the strange and amazing Adam West Naked. Hopefully there'll be a similar track on the Warner Bros. version so we can see how it stacks up with West's story about how Mr. Freeze's costume was haunted.

We (and presumably Conan O'Brien) will have more on this story as it develops.

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