The production for "Batman 3" appears to be gearing up for an April start according to multiple sources. The big rumor going around is that at least some of the film will be shot in New Orleans. When ComicsAlliance reached out to the New Orleans Office Of Film and Video this morning, we were told the office could not "...Confirm nor deny rumors surrounding 'Batman 3.'"New Orleans has become a big film destination for Warner Brothers and others in recent years. "Green Lantern" just wrapped filming in The Big Easy, and another Warner Brothers hit, "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button," was shot in the city. This was done despite the fact that the original 1922 short story was set in Baltimore. Why the change? Benjamin Button's setting, and the selection of New Orleans for filming both "Jonah Hex" and "Green Lantern," was made to take advantage of Louisiana's production incentives.

WWE Studios has also called New Orleans home, recently completing a run of six consecutive films that were produced, shot, and edited in the city. Filming in New Orleans has allowed WWE to create a different kind of business model for films, and one that other cost conscious studios may soon follow.

Although there are still many concerned about the repaired levees in New Orleans and whether or not their repairs will prevent future Katrina-like flooding, in recent years New Orleans has played host to the 2008 NBA All Star Game, the 2008 BCS National Championship Game, and the city will be hosting the NCAA Final Four in 2012.

Other movies currently underway that do not yet have a shooting location include Zak Snyder's Superman reboot, "The Man Of Steel". Since "The Man Of Steel" is being produced by Legendary Pictures, who also produces the Batman films, one has to wonder if DC Entertainment will select New Orleans to be the place where the new Superman takes flight.

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