Movies: "Inception" star Tom Hardy has been cast as a lead in the upcoming third Batman film to be directed by Christopher Nolan. It's unclear whether he'll play a hero or villain. Some suspect he'll play the Riddler, but I think we should just go totally nuts and start a rumor that he's playing Azrael or something. [Deadline]

More Movies: The Wrap is reporting that Rhys Ifans is going to play The Lizard in the upcoming 3D "Spider-Man" reboot, but I'll wait for a little more confirmation before I let go of the possibility that he's playing Azrael in a two-man costume with Tom Hardy. [The Wrap]

Industry: Jason Wood forecasts what might happen if the Big Two's $2.99 rollback doesn't work. [iFanboy]

Gaming: Gazillion's upcoming "Marvel Super Hero Squad Online" looks like it will feature even the meaner side of the Marvel U with character models for Bullseye, Deadpool, Blade and more showing up this past weekend at NYCC. [Kotaku]

Don't Be That Gal: An image of Ben Templesmith was unceremoniously dropped into a college blog list that ran down "13 Facebook Tricks Guys Use to Look 'Cool,'" much to his surprise and fankind's disdain. [Ben Templesmith]

Toys: Leo Customs' Batroc Marvel Legend leaps off the workbench and into our hearts. [Toycutter]

Threads: If you want to rock Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury look, it'll cost you $440. Fortunately, a turtleneck some slacks and an eye patch can be picked up for much, much less. [BigBadToystore]

Gaming: Love "Naruto?" You probably don't love it as much as the Cyberconnect2 "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm" videogame development team. [Joystiq]

Propaganda: The last of the 33 trapped Chilean miners surfaced last night after two months under ground, making it a perfect time to hop back into a more placid state of mind with a good old-fashioned pro-mining propaganda comic. [Boing Boing]