Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, Poison Ivy first graced the comic page back in the historic year of 1966, when The Sound of Music won Best Picture and England somehow won the World Cup. Her first appearance was in Detective Comics #181, and since then the character has remained a constant thorn in the Dark Knight's side.

Pamela Isley's venomous nature has struck Batman several times over the years, as the bedazzling botanical beauty grew to become one of his best known and loved antagonists, gaining her place in the sun. She's so popular, in fact, that there's even been a campaign curling up through Twitter to get her a series of her own, cultivated by the #poisonivyleague.

She's a villain, she's a hero, she's an anti-hero; she's a complex and commanding woman for all seasons. To celebrate Ivy in all her forms, costumes, and chlorophylled glory, we've put together a gallery featuring some of the greatest Poison Ivy art of all time. Tim Sale? In here. Sheldon Moldoff? Present. New artists you've never seen before, and takes on the character from artists you never realized had drawn her? That's all here as well. This is our leaf through some of the best of Poison Ivy.

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