"The Dark Knight" is sure to be amazing and all, but there's one nagging issue surrounding the film: Where's Robin?

For some reason, the Boy Wonder has been banished from director Christopher Nolan's Gotham. We suspect the filmmaker's worry is that the inclusion of young Robin might dredge up long-standing questions about the nature of the crime fighters' relationship.

Since we're big supporters of homosexual superheroes celebrating their lifestyle, we collected a sampling of art -- from fans and DC comic books -- depicting the Dynamic Duo's secret love.

Weird Sports Stuff

    Executive Batting Practice

    Nothing like taking office batting practice with this desktop-sized pitching machine to demonstrate to your underlings that: A) You can really turn on a 55 mph heater, and B) You have no qualms about damaging the workplace with a batted ball.


    Aqua Golf

    On hot summer days, kids are always complaining that there's no where to go to work on their short game. Fortunately, that waste of space you call a swimming pool can be put to good use.


    N Range Indoor Shooting System

    Like shooting, but hate leaving the comforts of home? Then get your own indoor shooting range. NOW who's the creepy one in the neighborhood?!


    The Urban Basketball Backpack

    For the man who needs more ball space OR why tuck your ball under your arm when you can store it on your backside?



    Bowling Pin Hat

    For those days you want to prove that you really are a tool.






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