Have you missed out on "Batman: Arkham Asylum," one of the best games of the last several years, because you don't have a next generation console? Or maybe you do, but you still can't justify the standard price of a new video game purchase right now? Well, as long as you have a Windows compatible computer, your excuses are about to go out the window.

Microsoft's Games on Demand program - a service where clients pay to download new releases instead of purchasing hard copies - is offering a series of significant discounts throughout the month of March. The fun gets a head start today as "Batman: Arkham Asylum," formerly offered for $49.99, is being offered for $12.50.

That's right - "Arkham Asylum," a remarkable gaming experience featuring crazy cinematic cut sequences and wonderful voice acting from "Batman: The Animated Series" veterans Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammill, is getting a 75% discount. Sure, it's a digital download and you miss out on the hard copy, but this is still a great deal assuming you've got the right computer for it.

Tip of the hat to Kotaku for the news.

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