For longer than some people have been alive on this planet, the Joker has terrorized the Dark Knight. While it hasn't been 75 years since Hot Toys first teased its take on the Batman: Arkham Asylum version of the Joker, the gap between the first hints such a figure existed and it's official reveal today sure felt like seven decades. But here we are, and now Batman's most well-known foe is finally ready to make his grand debut... later this year.

Batman himself has gotten two figures from his appearances in the Arkham games, though his were based on Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Joker coming from Arkham Asylum makes sense given that he had virtually the same look throughout all the entries in the series, and that Arkham Asylum was the only game where he was actually alive. Spoilers for a game from eight years ago.

Anyway, I've always liked Rocksteady Studios' design for the Joker, which stayed fairly true to the original comic version while also taking on a slight bit more realism. His suit has been tailored exquisitely by Hot Toys' talented fabricators, and looks just as good here as it did in-game. That mustard yellow dress shirt is what really seals the deal. That and that balding/widow's peak/mohawk thing he's got going on.

The figure will include a number of accessories from the game as well, like the chattering teeth, a pistol, Joker's "x-ray" glasses, and of course, the injection gun. Joker loved injecting people with all kinds of stuff in Arkham Asylum, but mostly Titan. It backfired on him of course, as these things often do. But hey, that's what happens when you're the bad guy and Batman is on the case.

The Hot Toys Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker figure is available at Sideshow Collectibles for pre-order now for $229.99, and is expected to arrive in Q4 this year.


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