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Hot Toys Goes Homemade With First Spider-Man: Homecoming Figure
Boy that new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer sure does give away a whole bunch of the movie, does it not? That's okay though. Any time we can see the delightful new Spider-Man in action is a good time. The trailer is chock full of narrative elements, and spends some time showing off the costume Tony Stark gave him in Civil War, but it also reveals one of Peter's earlier suits. While I definitely thought the homemade costume we'd been seeing in action figures was just going to play a bit part in the film, it looks like the budget wall-crawler outfit has a larger spot in the film than expected. Maybe that's why it's going to be the focus of Hot Toys' first official Spider-Man: Homecoming toy.
Punisher is Here to Extract Vengeance on All Your Marvel Hot Toys
It didn't take long for Hot Toys to jump all over the Marvel Netflix license when it was made available. We've already seen Daredevil in sixth-scale form, and now his season two rival, The Punisher, is getting his chance to prove his mettle. At least now you'll be able to set your Netlix heroes against your Marvel Cinematic Heroes, even if Marvel is taking a spectacularly long time to figure out how to make that happen in real life.
Hot Toys' Rocket Raccoon Brings a Big Smile and a Bigger Gun to the Party
If you've seen the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, you know Rocket Raccoon has a thing for big attitude, big guns and even bigger explosions. The little guy just likes to make things go boom and yell loudly about it. When you're as good at it as Rocket is, it's not hard to understand why. Judging by the few teasers and trailers we've seen for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, Rocket's taking things to a new level when it comes to the carnage he can create and celebrate. Now thanks to Hot Toys, we know for sure Rocket won't be speaking softly, and he definitely will be carrying a big heckin' gun.
Thanks to Hot Toys, Now You Can Hang Out With Harley Quinn in Belle Reve
If you thought there was only going to be one Harley Quinn figure released from Hot Toys, then you clearly don't know the power of Harleen Quinzel. She was a multimedia superstar well before this film arrived, and her star is only going to shine brighter thanks to Margot Robbie's portrayal and subsequent "solo" film, Gotham City Sirens. Though the more iconic version of the character from Suicide Squad already got her action figure debut, Hot Toys is all about those variants, including this Bell Reve Prisoner iteration.
Hot Toys' Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker Figure is No Laughing Matter
For longer than some people have been alive on this planet, the Joker has terrorized the Dark Knight. While it hasn't been 75 years since Hot Toys first teased its take on the Batman: Arkham Asylum version of the Joker, the gap between the first hints such a figure existed and it's official reveal today sure felt like seven decades. But here we are, and now Batman's most well-known foe is finally ready to make his grand debut... later this year.
Hot Toys' Arkham Knight Batman Will Keep Video Game Gotham Safe
No matter where you stand on the quality of Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham video games, the developer's version of Gotham was undeniably stylish. The mixture of real-world and fantastical elements to craft a Gotham and Batman that were familiar and new all at once was a delicate balance to strike. The aesthetic really hit its stride in the final installment, Arkham Knight, which ramped everything up to eleven including the Bat-suit. Now, Hot Toys has rendered its interpretation of Rocksteady's Batman, and it's a sight to behold.
Hot Toys' Star Wars: Rogue One Figures Are K-2SO Hot Right Now
As expected, K-2SO was indeed announced as the next figure in the Hot Toys Star Wars: Rogue One collection. The former Imperial droid now joins several types of Stormtroopers and Deathtroopers, Jyn Erso and Chirrut Imwe, in the rapidly expanding line, which will only continue to grow in the coming weeks and months. We already know there are several other human characters planned, as well as some more Empire forces, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Right now the focus should be on K-2SO, who will hope to join the short list of memorable droids in Star Wars movies.
Rogue One's Jyn Erso Gets Her Hot Toys Figure At Last
Finally, after numerous Stormtroopers and Deathtroopers, we have our new Star Wars protagonist getting her own Hot Toys figure. Now obviously it's easy for Hot Toys to churn out some Imperial soldiers given that they use the same basic model from the original trilogy that they're using in the upcoming anthology prequel, and it takes a little bit more time to work out the nuances of an actual human being. The wait was very much worth it though, as the Jyn Erso figure is pretty damn remarkable.
Rey and BB-8 Are the Best Hot Toys Star Wars Figures Yet
After years of holding a number of licenses for various pop culture icons, it seems almost unbelievable that until 2015, Hot Toys didn't have a deal for Star Wars toys. It took the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the Hong Kong company to finally step into the crowded licensing world of Lucasfilm's flagship franchise. In a way, it's a good thing it took such a long time. The license arrived right in that sweet spot of Hot Toys' expertise finally reaching its apex, rather than a decade earlier when the products weren't quite as impressive. No product better serves that idea than the newly released Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey and BB-8 set. As thrilling as it has been to see a number of iconic characters like Leia Organa, Han Solo and the numerous Stormtroopers captured with Hot Toys' impeccable eye for detail, the Rey figure is just a marvelous achievement in an action figure from head to toe. Would that all Hot Toys figures could be so great.
Hot Toys Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman Figure Giveaway
Look, it's time to face the reality that you'll never be Batman IRL. Aside from the fact that you're not a billionaire industrialist whose parents were murdered in an alley, it's super dangerous to be a vigilante. That doesn't mean you can't have some cool things that show off how much you appreciate the Dark Knight. Why don't you let us help you out with that. We're going to give away a Hot Toys Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman action figure. We want you to win it. You've earned the chance to do so, and you deserve it. Sure we're talking to thousands of you, but every one of you should get the opportunity to get some swag this sweet for the low, low price of free.

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