It didn't take long for Hot Toys to jump all over the Marvel Netflix license when it was made available. We've already seen Daredevil in sixth-scale form, and now his season two rival, The Punisher, is getting his chance to prove his mettle. At least now you'll be able to set your Netlix heroes against your Marvel Cinematic Heroes, even if Marvel is taking a spectacularly long time to figure out how to make that happen in real life.

I have to give Hot Toys credit here, this Punisher figure looks terrific. The Jon Bernthal head sculpt is on point, and that's what really sets the whole thing off. The Punisher doesn't exactly have a challenging outfit to capture, and the success of getting the plainclothes vigilante right comes down to the portrait. The crooked nose, the 1000-yard stare, and the stoic demeanor given to so many Hot Toys figures all work in conjunction to make this piece work immediately.

Even though the Punisher doesn't have a varied wardrobe, Hot Toys does get it all right. The trenchcoat and the tactical vest look great. The paint app for the skull insignia looks appropriately washed out, and the pants and boots are all right. Not much you can do to make those a bit more impressive. It's a classic look, and it fits the character.

The guns also fit too. Punisher gets a sniper rifle, a revolver, a knife, and a mini-gun to take on all comers. Just to prove how good he is at his job, he even comes with a damaged Daredevil mask. Smashed up Matt Murdock face not included.

The Hot Toys Netflix Punisher figure is available for pre-order now at Sideshow Collectibles for $234.99, and is expected to arrive in Q1 2018.


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