Just as a new Netflix Marvel hero is about to burst onto the scene --- well technically, I suppose Luke Cage already arrived in Jessica Jones, but this upcoming series is his own personal show now --- the first streaming super is getting his high-end action figure due. After two successful seasons, the Man Without Fear is officially a Hot Toys collectible.

We saw a prototype at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but these new images give a much better idea of what to expect from the final product. Daredevil isn't often considered a man known for blazing paths, but his arrival at Hot Toys bodes well for Jessica Jones, Mr. Cage, and the rest of the supposed Defenders.

Based on his appearance in season two of the Netflix series, Hot Toys' Daredevil has a terrific suit. Barely seen at all in the first season, the red and black body armor translated quite well to figure form. Even though I'm not always a fan of putting comic costumes through a reality filter, Daredevil's street level uniform works really well. It also keeps him separate visually from the more elite heroes of the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can tell just by looking this isn't a movie budget suit, but it shouldn't be either. Daredevil is more grounded in the MCU, it just so happens the show budget also reflects that "everyman" element as well.

Taking a tip from the Hot Toys' Batman figures (and recent Captain America figures, too), the Daredevil will come with two faceplates to give him two distinct looks. There's the pensive, tight lips and there's also a grimmacing bloody face. There would have been more, but anyone who's watched the show knows those are the only two expressions Daredevil ever has, so it's perfect. Even though you can't see the rest of the face, that's unmistakably Charlie Cox's jaw though, so good on Hot Toys for getting that element right when there was so little to work with.

There aren't very many accessories included, but Daredevil does have his signature baton, which has three different modes. A few hands are part of the package, but the signature piece has to be that nice diorama base. It's hard to tell if that's supposed to be a street with a crumbling building or a roof with a crumbling wall, but either way, that's a great base. It's much more detailed than what we typically see included, though a number of Hot Toys' figures this past year have gone with the more elaborate base. That said, a bigger, better base does bring the cost up too. It'll look cool on display though.

There's no pricing or release date information as of yet, but we'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has the details.



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