If you thought there was only going to be one Harley Quinn figure released from Hot Toys, then you clearly don't know the power of Harleen Quinzel. She was a multimedia superstar well before this film arrived, and her star is only going to shine brighter thanks to Margot Robbie's portrayal and subsequent "solo" film, Gotham City Sirens. Though the more iconic version of the character from Suicide Squad already got her action figure debut, Hot Toys is all about those variants, including this Bell Reve Prisoner iteration.

Now this figure isn't quite as dynamic as the "suited-up" Harley Quinn, but that doesn't mean Hot Toys still didn't give it the company's typical indulgence of details. The jumpsuit, while plain, is tailored well and apparently leaves enough room to have Harley seated in a crossed-leg position. That's a rare thing for a fully clothed Hot Toys figure, as most of the time hero costumes are too tight to provide that much flexibility in the posing.

You'll also find a themed cell phone, a cup of tea, and the novel Harley was reading while locked up. Hot Toys is including a mattress as well, though it's not depicted in any of the photos very clearly, but it looks sculpted and not soft. At least she'll have her fluffy pink slippers to keep her warm in the dank prison cell though.

I'm not as impressed with the head sculpt as I was with the costumed Harley. This looks like Margot a little bit, but could use a bit more tuning in the cheek and nose area. This is a prototype, so it's possible the portrait might get some tweaks before it arrives this upcoming holiday season.

The Hot Toys Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Prisoner figure is available for pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles for $219.99, and is expected to arrive in Q4 2017.


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