DC Direct Collectibles will expand its line of Batman: Arkham City action figures on September 19, with brand new versions of Azrael, Ra's al Ghul, the Penguin, two clown thugs (one with a knife, the other with a baseball bat) and Batman himself. As usual, the toys will stand around 6.75", with the diminutive Penguin keeping in scale at just 5.25" tall, as seen during NYCC this past fall. Interestingly, the line features the most basic of the Arkham City Batman figures from DCC thus far, following an unmasked version and a "Detective Mode" outfit. Series three is also the first not to feature any female figures (Talia al Ghul and Oracle are possibilities), with Harley Quinn and Catwoman included in previous rollouts. Accessory information is a little light right now, but product images indicate clown thugs will be armed and Ra's will come equipped with a sword and Azrael probably will too if that scabbard is any indication. You can check out more images of Batman: Arkham City series three action figures after the jump.

[Via TNI]

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