Following up on its two waves of Batman: Arkham Asyum toys, DC Direct will release a three-figure wave of Batman: Arkham City action figures on December 21 that includes an unmasked Batman, the updated Harley Quinn and the game's Tim Drake as Robin. Though the toys' full accessories aren't clear just yet, Robin will be armed with his trademark staff while Batman seems equipped with at least one appropriate doohickey. Let's cross our fingers for explosive gel, eh?With Harley standing 6.25" tall, Robin at 6.5" and Batman at 6.75" (with his cowl down), DC Direct's Arkham City offerings will play nicely with Mattel's cowled Batman, slightly more articulated Robin, Joker and Two-Face figures. Of course, if you don't like mixing and matching, there's always Joker, the first Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Dr. Zsasz, Poison Ivy and Bane from Arkham Asylum to stand these guys next to on a shelf.

See the full promo image for DC Direct's upcoming Batman: Arkham City line below:

[Via TNI]