He may have lost his sweet 'stache in DC Comics' new Suicide Squad, but Deadshot will rock a fantastically furry upper lip in Batman: Arkham City on October 18. Rocksteady Studios broke the news last night on GT.TV, with Arkham City Game Director Sefton Hill breaking down Floyd Lawton's place in the game. The mercenary's apparently got a specific list of targets to hit during his time in Gotham, which will grow to include Batman as the hero picks up on his trail.Deadshot won't be sporting his trademark red and yellow suit in full in Arkham City, but purists needn't worry -- it's by design. True to the assassin's sneaky ways, Deadshot's infiltrated Arkham City as an inmate, resulting in a look that blends his costume's signature eye scope and wrist-mounted guns with the standard issue garb worn by the more generic foes players will spend time pummeling in the game.

Check out a few stills from Gametrailers' Batman: Arkham City reveal of Deadshot below, and catch the full segment at GT.TV.

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