A big comic convention like New York Comic Con is a fantastic time to pick up some exclusive goodies, and just like every year, Funko has outdone itself with this year's line-up. The collectibles juggernaut has unveiled a range of exclusives for this year's NYCC featuring awesome Batman, X-Men, and Suicide Squad toys and more.

Yesterday, we highlighted the return of Batman's amazing rainbow costume in the pages of Francis Manapul's Trinity #1, so it's timely and awesome to see it get its due in the form of a Funko Pop figure. Mind you, not much attention seems to have been paid to making sure the rainbow is in the traditional ROYGBIV order of colors, and Batman is nothing if not a stickler for detail.

There are some adorable X-Men related collectibles, including Storm and Juggernaut Dorbz, but the real highlight is a Kitty Pryde that comes complete with pet dragon Lockheed. Now, we all know Lockheed is actually an alien that Kitty met on Broodworld, but he's a dragon and he's cute and we want one.

There's also a bunch of Suicide Squad merch, including Harley Quinn and Deadshot Dorbz, and an exclusive scarred Joker, clad in a tuxedo and holding a grenade. Fans can also nab a The Killing Joke-themed Joker as well, if that's something you're interested in. Speaking of DC, Legends of Tomorrow fans curious as to Hawkgirl's exclusion from the first wave of Funko Pops linked to that show can find her only at NYCC.

Check out the full gallery above.


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