We know what you're thinking. How on Earth do we keep hosting giveaways with all the best things in the world? Well, we'll tel you --- the magic of science. And also with the help of some very nice people from the various companies we work with to bring you the best comic book industry coverage this side of the Bifrost.

This time, we're hoping to bestow upon one lucky reader a trio of terrific toys from DC Collectibles' DC Icons series. Being a fan of ComicsAlliance is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when we're busying giving out gifts.

If you didn't already know, the DC Icons toy series is a collection from DC's in-house merchandise team that celebrates the past of DC's incredible comic universe. Each character in every wave is hand-picked to be the best version of that character --- or at least the best version of that character that we haven't yet seen in toy form.

This bundle includes Green Lantern John Stewart as he appeared in Mosaic; Firestorm the Nuclear Man as he appeared in Trinity War; and the Joker from "A Death in the Family." All three are packed with accessories and capture each character as they were at those given moments in time. Based on designs from Ivan Reis, the toy line is one of DC Collectibles' best efforts, and these figures would be a welcome addition in any collection.

All you’ve got to do to enter is check out the widget below. The contest is open to all US residents and will end on September 28 at 12PM EST. For more details, check out the official rules here.



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