The ramp up to the May 29 release of Batman: Arkham City's "Harley Quinn's Revenge" DLC has yielded five new preview images of Batman and Robin beating down the Clown Princess of Crime's new gang. Arriving later this month as part of the Arkham City Game of the Year Edition on PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as part of a standalone download ($9.99 on PSN/800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live), the new mission will see players alternate between Robin and Batman as they deal with Harley's new assault on Arkham City following the events of the game's main storyline. Sadly, Joystiq reports that Robin won't be able to explore AC at will, and his adventures will extend only through the DLC content. Still, fans of all kinds will probably welcome the chance to beat up evil dudes dressed like clowns using Robin's arsenal in this sequel-y story. Check out images from "Harley Quinn's Revenge" after the cut.

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[Via Joystiq]