Listen, nobody's saying you need help navigating Batman: Arkham City or cracking its multiple Riddler challenges -- if you're playing the game you've clearly studied Batman's detective methods -- but, if you are seeking software to help... organize your thinking... it seems there's an official map app on iOS devices for that. In addition to functioning as an interactive map for every area in Arkham City, the official app product description says it will help users, "Find every Riddler Trophy for Batman & Catwoman," "Solve every Riddle," and "Track your progress as you bag more than 350 collectibles." The $2.99 app doesn't communicate directly with your current gen console of choice, however, meaning its manual functionality may best be left to any available sidekicks willing to watch you play the game.The app works across all iOS devices, though, making its price tag easier to swallow if you're into its uses and regularly bounce between multiple Apple products. Naturally, things seem easier to digest on the iPad's larger screen, but if you're already couching it up, it's probably nice to have the phone option too.

Check out screens from both the iPad and iPhone versions of the Batman: Arkham City official map app below:


[Via Joystiq]

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