Payback schemes for the verbal abuse dished out by a remote Edward Nigma in Batman: Arkham Asylum have been brewing in players' heads since 2009. Fortunately a new image snapped at Rocksteady Studios' booth during E3 brings players one step closer to constructively dealing with their repressed hostility.

A new image of The Riddler from Batman: Arkham City gives gamers a fresh look at a villain they've sparsely seen since his presence in the game was announced in March. Previously the question mark-clad pest served as something of a valuable side-quest mechanic, but Rocksteady has made it clear that the foe is physically in Arkham City and that players will be able to smack him in the face.

There's a lot more to Batman than violence, of course, meaning fans should probably still expect to match wits with the foe when the game drops on October 18.Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have yet to unveil an official version of this Riddler image, but it's nice to at least see a photo of the art for now.

See the full Riddler image below:

[Via Gamefreaks]