I'll give Prime 1 Studio credit. They are going all in on the Batman: Arkham Knight goods, and if you're a fan of that game and Rocksteady's designs for the Batman Universe, Prime 1 is leaving no stones unturned. DC Collectibles' efforts in the Arkham game arena were solid, but by working at such a large scale, Prime 1 is able to capture detail and likeness that you just can't get with smaller, more consumer friendly products.

I mean, where else would you be able to get a statue of Harvey Dent where you could practically taste the rotten flesh and smell the burnt clothing of his Arkham universe incarnation. We've seen a lot of gnarly Two-Face figures and collectibles over the years, but this statue takes things to a whole new level of disgustingly cool detail.

Now, for all intents and purposes, the Arkham Universe shares many of the same backstories for its characters as the core DC Universe it's based on. While there are some liberties taken with character design throughout the franchise, Two-Face's design is a bit of a departure from the comics. He shares more in common with the film version seen in The Dark Knight than he does the version we all remember from Batman: The Animated Series. The grotesque, but not realistically so, acid-burned visage is now an all-too-anatomically correct serious burn victim.

It's hard to look at, but it's also something I can't turn away from. I'm not saying I want this thing in my house, where it can stare at me intensely 24/7/365, but I can't stop looking at the pictures trying to take in all the detail of the musculature and sinew Prime 1's recreated from Rocksteady's designs. It takes real talent to make something that would otherwise be revolting into a fascinating piece of art. Even the fine sculpting in the suit, capturing the crispy sleeves in their decaying state is just remarkable. That also carries through down to the base, which is another Gotham rooftop, albeit one that's only well-made on one side, with the other crumbling beneath Harvey Dent's feet.

The statue will come with two heads, allowing you to swap out a screaming portrait if you really want to terrify the people who come to visit. You can almost hear Troy Baker cursing you out from here. Sideshow Collectibles' version comes as you see above, but there is a limited version available directly through Prime 1 that comes with an alternate hand holding a grenade launcher instead of a pistol. Since that's only overseas though, you'll just have to make do with a revolver.

The Batman: Arkham Knight Two-Face statue is available through Sideshow Collectibles for pre-order now for $899.99, and is expected to arrive between March and April 2017.


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