There have been a number of Batmobiles over the years, but those that have had arguably the biggest pop culture impact have been the cars in the Bat-garage of the televised '60s, the cinematic late '80s, and the animated '90s. Batman's cars have come and gone in the comics, but the one model nearly everyone remembers most is that from the Dark Knight Returns. More tank than car, the hulking monstrosity is part of one of DKR's more memorable sequences, and cuts an absolutely ridiculous silhouette. Though you could argue it at least partially inspired the Tumblr from the Christopher Nola Bat-films, the futuristic Batmobile definitely proved to be the basis for the version in Batman: Arkham Knight.

As the finest purveyor of Batman: Arkham Knight-related goods, Prime 1 Studios took it upon itself to bring that particular version of the Batmobile to life in 1/10 scale. Obviously they couldn't do it at the same size as the Arkham Knight character statues they've previously released because even a 1/3 scale Batmobile would be too large to fit in most rooms that aren't a giant cave under a mansion. Though you might want to keep it as far away from other people's hands as possible given that it costs $1600.

It's a pretty piece of work, and would certainly be a conversation starter in your living room, den, or hell, even the kitchen. If you have room for something like this in your kitchen though, please invite me over. I would like to cook and eat there. Sounds like an amazing, personal culinary space. You could probably make all kinds of cool food in a room like that. If you're not, well, I guess you have the cash to blow on extravagances like a Batmobile in the kitchen without having to worry about it.

The Batmobile portions of the game were at times incredibly frustrating for sure, and I might remember Arkham Knight more for how tedious this mammoth became to use towards the tail end of the adventure, but it's undeniably a top notch recreation of the in-game car. Can't say for certain that even if I had the money I'd use on this --- because let's face it, $1600 buys a lot of things --- but damn if it wouldn't be tempting. Maybe some day I'll get one for my kitchen.

The Prime 1 Studio Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile is available for pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles for $1599.99. It's due out in the first quarter of 2017.


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